Account protection

We strongly recommend that you use one-time codes to withdraw money

Attention! It is impossible to delete the secret key!
If you lose your phone or secret key, you will not be able to confirm the withdrawal without codes. If this happens, contact our support. Recovery of the private key can take up to 31 days if you do not provide documents confirming that this is really your account.
Setting the private key
The code generator application allows you to receive codes even without network and cellular connection. Use any app to generate 2-Step Verification codes. For example, Google Authenticator for iOS or Android. [ iOS ] | [ Android ]. Yandex.Key [ iOS ] | [ Android ]
Scan the QR code in the app or enter the secret key below. Then, to confirm the correct app setup, enter the verification code from the app.

QR code

The secret key:

Finish setup